· Does Travelmate come in different colors?

Yes, you'll be able to choose from a variety of different colors for your Travelmate after the Indiegogo ends. The LED light colors can also be changed by using the Travelmate application.

· Since it's autonomous, isn't Travelmate basically a robot?

The short answer is yes. Travelmate is fully autonomous and it is a robot that fulfills a very practical purpose.

· Can I use Travelmate anywhere?

Yes, your travelmate is not confined to just the airport. You can use it almost anywhere. Some examples include going to work, walking around the neighborhood or going to school.

· Why do you use omni wheels and what are they?

Omni wheels allow for a much higher degree of motion and they make Travelmate much more accurate in terms of autonomous movement. Travelmate can handle inclines and less than ideal surface conditions because it uses omni wheels.

· Can I use Travelmate as a normal suitcase if I want to?

Definitely. If you want to use it as a normal suitcase then you are free to do that.