We’ve been working on new an autonomous robot medical and nursing assistant for over a year. This is a completely new robot line which is a versatile multi-use diagnostic, treatment and monitoring medical robot. Its artificial intelligence enables an even wider variety of better patient outcomes and we believe that it will become a staple in patient care.

Our company has already created and patented an autonomous robotic suitcase. Our patent covers all robots with a proprietary movement system that connects robots with smartphones. Our robots’ complex artificial intelligence system is included in our patent. We are implementing a robotic nurse assistant that will be used in hospitals, nursing homes, at home and in other settings where medical assistance is required.



Travelmate RNA is a new project and is a new line of robots developed by our company. They can be used autonomously and can also be remote controlled. This is incredibly useful for diagnosing at risk patients or providing care without exposing other patients to COVID-19 (the disease caused by Novel SARS COV-2). Nurses are overworked in normal situations — this is only exacerbated with the pandemic of the new Coronavirus. Our robotic medical assistant will ease that burden, as it has a myriad of different uses for diagnostics and treatment. This robot is modular and can be used in different environments. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

This robot will become a staple in inpatient and outpatient care and is not just for COVID care. It can be tailored to each individual patient’s needs. Travelmate RNA, as an all purpose medical robot, has various diagnostic data that it takes from its patients and then uploads to a database. When a patient has similar data, our program can then use artificial intelligence via our proprietary algorithm, to find similar case studies. This can improve treatment outcomes. This program is Hipaa compliant in the U.S..

We are in an unprecedented time; this type of pandemic has not happened in a hundred years. We need to innovate and do everything we can to help hospitals, doctors and medical personnel get better health outcomes for their patients. We are working with established companies to provide us with ready made diagnostic equipment for our platform which works with our robot.

There are two modular configurations for our robot medical assistant. The first is for indoor use in hospital or other medical settings. It is highly customizable and can be configured for use as an intensive care unit, or even a ventilator with other diagnostic data that will help doctors to improve patient care 24/7. Medical personnel will be able to remotely control the robot and receive information to their computer or mobile device. They don’t need to be in the same room as the robot.


The second is more portable and can be used outside. It has an outer shell for protecting equipment from the elements. It can be used for patients at home, or as a day-to-day monitoring device. It can inform you of any abnormal data that it finds and give recommendations to help you. For example, if you are at risk for heart disease and your diagnostic data is abnormal, it can send that data to your doctor immediately, without you having to make an appointment with said doctor.  It can also inform you if it deems that there’s an emergency and contact emergency services.

Our robot nurse assistant has a modular design. This means that we can put different medical equipment on our robot. Each Travelmate RNA can be customized to fit the needs of a specific patient or hospital department. It can be used to monitor a patient remotely and send that data to a nurse in another room, so that said nurse is not in direct contact with a potentially infectious patient.

There are many medical devices that we can use with our robots and that will give Travelmate RNA incredible versatility in medical settings.

Imagine or remember a time when you were a patient in a hospital. Now, imagine that a Travelmate robot follows you and carries the medical equipment that you need around for you. This robot monitors your health and vital signs and gives these diagnostics to your doctor. It is a robot assistant which uses some of the technology of our previous Travelmate Robots.

Hospitals and doctors around the world are interested in this type of product, because it improves patient care quality and provides doctors more constant stream of information about the patient. Since the robot utilizes existing medical equipment that attaches to the robot, we do not need to go through regulatory hurdles with insurance, as this equipment is already covered. It provides an important new service in the form of a 24 hour robot nurse and diagnostic monitoring assistant.


We believe that this is a multi billion dollar industry. Every hospital and medical practice needs a multi-use modular robot like this. We believe that this innovation will help to greatly ease the strain that is currently being faced by medical personnel around the world. Now is the perfect time to adopt this type of technology, as we are in a time of great uncertainty and disruption. It will no doubt help to future proof hospitals and prepare for future similar events.

The Travelmate Robot Nurse Assistant will provide significant additional value towards our company. Each additional feature provides extra uses for our robots and expands our market. Just like with the app store, we will have a software and hardware app store, so that we cater to the needs of people adopting robots into their everyday lifestyle.

We have already successfully raised over 600,000 in funds as part of a regulation CF campaign last year for our autonomous robotic suitcases. We’ve also raised an additional X through a regulation D campaign. However, the current economic and health crisis is unprecedented. We have enough funding for our robotic suitcases, but in order to survive and expand, we must continue to innovate. The travel industry is hard hit and there is no sugar coating it. Our existing Travelmate robotic suitcase use cases go beyond the travel industry, but demand is still affected by the crisis.

That’s why we’re raising funds to make a mass production version of the new Travelmate Robot Nurse Assistant. It is abundantly clear that doctors and nurses are completely overstretched with the current pandemic, and this type of robot will help to greatly reduce their workload. It will lead to better health outcomes and less COVID-19 infections. When contact between nurses, doctors and infected patients is lessened, it means less transmission. If someone is showing symptoms, but is not in a critical state, then a Travelmate RNA can be sent to that person’s home to collect data for a COVID test as well as general diagnostic data. That way, if the person is not sick with the Coronavirus, then they don’t have to risk unnecessary exposure at the hospital and that person does not have to worry about straining a hospital’s resources.

Obviously, the applications for a robotic nurse/medical assistant goes way beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is clear that something like our robot is especially necessary in this time of crisis. This is why we’ve focused all new prototyping and development efforts on Travelmate RNA.

Our company must, as an innovator in the robotics space, try to help with the current pandemic. We value our investors and believe that in the current economic and health climate, a robotic nurse assistant is the best solution to expand our product line.

We have an established supplier/manufacturer base with our robotic suitcases, so this means that we are experienced in mass manufacturing. We are confident that we can mass produce our robotic nurse assistant with the proper funding, which is why we’ve launched this campaign.

The ugly truth is that this pandemic will last for at least a couple more months. We must utilize our resources to bring to market a robot that is useful in the current situation. We will make robotics a common sight in medical settings. We are continuing to produce our robotic suitcases, as we still have demand for them, and when this crisis ends, people will start traveling again.

For you, this means that as an investor in our company, you know that our company is dedicated towards innovation and has two types of robot products. Our plans also include developing a robot for sports equipment like golfing, but right now we are 100% focused on the development of the Travelmate RNA.

Travelmate Robotics was founded in early 2016 with the goal of creating an affordable, multi-purpose robot for consumers. With a shared love of travel, we quickly realized that developing a multi-purpose, robotic suitcase would be the perfect way to introduce consumers to robotics. Our core team consists of veterans in robotic engineering, mechanical engineering, software development and hardware development.

Travelmate’s executive team has extensive experience in robotics with over 7 years developing commercial robots. We’ve been working on a robot nurse assistant since the middle of 2019 and believe that now is the best time to raise funds to transition this project towards mass production.

Travelmate RNA: This is the project that we’re working on right now and stands for Robot Nurse Assistant. It is a completely new robot project and is separate from our luggage robots.

Travelmate Robot Suitcase: Our first robot product. It is a patented fully autonomous robotic suitcase. This robot is in production and we will use our current suppliers to launch production of future products.

Travelmate Sports Equipment Robot: We have worked on concepts for a sports equipment robot. This has a lot of useful applications for golf. However, this is a future project and we’re focusing all of our attention on Travelmate RNA for the moment.

Our company has won a Technology Innovation Award at the 2020 National Awards in Madrid Spain for our work in robotics. However, because of the pandemic, the awards ceremony has been postponed. We are still greatly appreciative to have won such an award.

Why call it Travelmate RNA?

It stands for Travelmate Robotic Nurse Assistant. RNA are also the building blocks for viruses, so it’s just a catchy name. The name will definitely go viral.

I’m already invested in Travelmate Robotics. Does my investment include this project, or is this a separate company?

Thank you for investing! This project is part of the same company, which is Travelmate Robotics Inc.. As such, this project is included as part of your investment portfolio. Since this is a new raise, you can invest additional funds if you’d like to support the development of this project and be an even bigger part of our company.

What is the situation with your current suppliers?

Our suppliers/manufacturers are based in China, Thailand and Taiwan. We want to use our existing supply chain to quickly ramp up production for the Travelmate RNA. However, since this is more of a commercial project and not a consumer project, we believe that over time, we can transition manufacturing for this robot product to the U.S..

How has the COVID pandemic affected your manufacturing capabilities?

While our suppliers were initially affected by the pandemic, China is now re-opening and manufacturing is resuming. Taiwan has done mass testing and closed their borders early, so manufacturing is not affected. Thailand currently has a relatively low amount of confirmed cases, but is taking measures to lock down the country. In Thailand, we only recently added those suppliers to increase manufacturing capacity and have backup suppliers in case of any disruption to the supply chain.